About Triton

History and Mission

Jeff Manson and Tim Hasselbring co-founded Triton Renewable Energy Ltd. in 2008, after nearly a decade spent exploring options for capturing renewable energy in Bermuda. They determined that the island‘s most viable and promising renewable resource was not wind or solar, but wave energy derived from the vast and powerful ocean that surrounds us. They studied many different emergent wave energy technologies before establishing that Carnegie’s CETO™ technology was ideally suited to Bermuda’s needs. Robustly engineered and submerged out of view, it provides both zero-emissions electricity and a means of desalinating water through reverse osmosis, something of great benefit to an island reliant on rainwater.

Sadly, Tim passed away in 2012, but Jeff and the dedicated board that he and Tim brought together are continuing Triton’s pioneering work. The development team is a balance of accomplished individuals from both the environmental and financial spheres, reflecting Triton’s core belief that it is possible for an enterprise to be both environmentally responsible and commercially viable.