The Bermuda Project

Technology Selection

> Key Criteria

In searching for the wave energy technology best suited to Bermuda, Triton established the following guiding principles:

  • Given the ecological, economic, and aesthetic value of Bermuda’s environment, the wave energy technology should be located offshore and should be submerged to minimise the environmental and visual impact.
  • Where possible, the technology should employ “tried and tested”, simple, and robust component parts, with an extensive and reliable technology support network.
  • There should be a viable business model and any partners should have a proven track record in the renewable energy sector.
  • The roll out schedule for the technology should be within a realistic and deliverable timeframe, and should be modular to allow for expansion.

More specifically we were looking for;

  • Engineered simplicity
  • Storm Survivability—fully submerged devices with an energy relief system to automatically activate during hurricanes and winter storms
  • Scalability—modular design
  • Flexibility—the ability to be tailored to local wave regimes, water depths, and seafloor conditions
  • Low environmental impact—no visual or noise impact
  • Desalination—zero-emissions freshwater production and co-production options